Pre-finished parquet: what it is, characteristics and examples

Many people have never been clearly informed about the different types of parquet existing, which we talked about in a blog article: “The types of parquet: what they are and characteristics” (read it here) .

We realized, after writing this article, that there are so many things to say about pre- finished parquet , so many that it deserved a blog post all to itself . This is why we decided to write an editorial exclusively dedicated to pre-finished parquet, to explain what it is, what its characteristics are, how it can be installed and some examples of pre-finished parquet floors that we have installed best vinyl plank flooring in Rochester, MN.

What is pre-finished parquet?

It is a type of parquet that has two peculiarities:

It can be walked on immediately after installation

It is made up of layers and not a single plank of wood

Let’s take a closer look at these two characteristics.

Why is it possible to walk on the pre-finished parquet immediately after installation?

It is clear that the possibility of walking on your new parquet floor immediately after installation is a great advantage and a beautiful innovation.

The parquet was, for years, only the solid wood one. This parquet had to be brought to the place of installation some time before to allow the wood to acclimate to the climate and humidity of the place where it was installed. After 15 days, the installation began, then the sanding and finally the painting. After painting, you had to wait for the paint to dry before being able to walk on it (and therefore wait another time before using the house).

But in this hectic world, who has the time (and the desire) to wait a whole month before being able to use the floor at home?

Here is where the pre-finished parquet intervenes! In fact, this type of parquet is worked and finished in the production phase and, being composed of several layers of wood, it is more stable and does not require a period of adaptation to the new home.

This makes it the perfect parquet floor for everyone!