Educational Services

Excelsior Youth Center has accredited middle and senior high schools on its campus with an outstanding, licensed teaching staff. The primary educational focus at Excelsior is to offer a comprehensive educational program using the Common Core Standards to drive its instruction. Each girl has the opportunity to work toward the completion of her middle school requirements, High School Diploma or G.E.D. Excelsior believes that providing and ensuring a proper education is essential in making a successful transformation to a fully functioning member of a community.

EYC_ClassHelp2In order to ensure sound instructional decision making, each young woman’s academic achievement is assessed and transcripts are evaluated.  This information is used to drive the educational plan of the students and help teachers to determine the most effective instructional strategies.  At Excelsior, girls benefit from a rigorous and engaging curriculum, small classroom sizes and data driven instruction.  Technology is used in the classroom to deliver a more engaging and relevant experience for the students.

Using the strength-based approach, Excelsior’s licensed teaching staff in the Life Skills course helps girls overcome their challenges and improve outcomes in the areas of bully prevention, character education and moral reasoning and decision making.  In addition, girls are exposed to the workforce readiness.

Small classroom sizes, individualized instruction, tutoring, up-to-date resources and uniform requirements create a highly structured, positive and safe environment for girls to meet their goals. Excelsior’s nationally accredited middle and high school is designed to help students catch up on credits and ultimately graduate with the tools they need to enter society and be successful.

  1. Each student works with an Educational Diagnostician to create a school schedule that supports her Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Personal Learning Plan (PLP).
  2. Classes cover core subject areas (English, Math, Science, Social Studies), as well as Art, Music, Physical Education and variety of elective classes (i.e. Women’s Studies, Computers Applications, etc.).
  3. Vocational Training and General Educational Development (GED) preparation is available to students.
  4. Vocational training includes a fully licensed cosmetology program and graphic art courses
  5. Career Planning and Job-Seeking skills are also emphasized.
  6. A Behavior Management Plan created to ensure each girl’s behavioral success in the school setting.
  7. Excelsior’s school works with providers and school districts to provide additional educational support such as speech/language therapy and occupational therapy.